Even a healthy heart needs support


Purest plant extracts +
essential minerals

PreLipid is a physiological combination of plant bio-actives with Red Yeast Rice from the rice growing regions of central China. The active principles extracted from red yeast grown on rice supports reduction of cholesterol produced in the liver by inhibiting key enzymes which produce bad cholesterol in our body. The extract from Grape seeds support healthy arteries by reducing inflammation and preventing cellular injury. PreLipid also has Niacin and Folic Acid, essential vitamins for healthy lipid metabolism. Black pepper extract helps with absorption of PreLIpid.

Most of the “Bad Cholesterol”, also known as or LDL, or Low-Density Lipoprotein is produced in the liver.
High level of LDL is the single primary cause of coronary heart disease and heart attacks and strokes.
Even a healthy heart and coronary arteries need support to remain healthy and for that we need to maintain
desirable lipid levels. PreLipid has proven bio-actives, which inhibit the enzymes in the liver that
produce LDL and reducing inflammation, maintaining healthy lipid levels.

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